Sample Query Letter

Dee Davis' Everything In Its Time is a Jove book

November 8, 1998

Barbara Collins Rosenberg
The Rosenberg Group
2800 Harlanwood Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76109

Dear Ms. Collins Rosenberg:

I believe a writer in today’s complex market needs to have someone in his or her corner. I am querying you for three reasons. You have been recommended to me by two completely different sources. Your agency’s name has turned up in several respected RWA newsletters. And last, but certainly not least, you have offices in Texas. Fort Worth is a heck of a lot closer to Dallas than New York City.

Everything In Its Time is a 96,000+ word time-travel romance set in the Highlands of Scotland.

Katherine St. Claire has never forgotten the passionate night she shared with a stranger while staying at a castle hotel called Duncreag. He even haunts her dreams. Tired of loving a "Fantasy Man", as her brother Jeff refers to him, she decides to go back to Duncreag in search, literally, of the man of her dreams.

Iain Mackintosh wears the cairngorm earring of the only woman he will ever love. Eight long years ago she came to him in the night like a vision. News of his father’s death brings Iain home to Duncreag where he finds himself questioning the circumstances surrounding his father’s demise and wishing for the woman his cousin Ranald is convinced is a fairy.

Iain and Katherine arrive at Duncreag each longing to find the other. There is, however, a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. A five hundred and thirty-year barrier separates them. What follows is the story of a love so powerful it crosses the boundaries of time. Complicated by murder and abduction in the fifteenth century, their love will be tested even after they finally reunite. Only Jeff’s twentieth century discovery of events from the past can save them.

With Jeff’s help, Iain manages to change history and save Katherine, but fate once more intervenes to separate the lovers. Iain is forced to allow Jeff to take Katherine back to the twentieth century where she wakes up with no memory of him or the events that have transpired. A chance encounter with a history book brings everything full circle allowing the lovers to finally be together in the fifteenth century.

Everything In Its Time is a first novel. The completed work contains twenty-seven chapters, a prologue and an epilogue. It is a labor of love in tribute to the writers who have filled my life with magic, starting with Madeleine L’Engle and Mary Stewart and continuing on to authors like Diana Gabaldon and Leslie LaFoy.

In preparation for writing this book I thoroughly researched the romance novel industry, including reading several hundred romances of all genres over the last year. In addition, I did extensive research into fifteenth century Scotland.

During a ten-year career in public relations I designed and edited three newsletters (one award winning), wrote television and radio commercials, wrote three award winning PSAís and wrote multimedia presentations for several large organizations. I have also written numerous brochures, press releases and other business proposals. Many years ago, I won the National Council of Teachers of English award for excellence in writing.

In creating Duncreag and its neighboring holding Tur nan Clach I have created characters that seem now like old friends. With the last sentence of this book completed, I find that I am eager to continue writing about the Mackintoshes of Duncreag. You see, Iainís cousin Marjory is being forced to marry a Cameron.

If you would like to read more about Katherine and Iain, I would be delighted to send a detailed synopsis, sample chapters, or the entire manuscript. I appreciate your time and interest in my work and I look forward to hearing from you. SASE enclosed.


Dee Davis