Page Two

Introduction or Overview

Sell the book here. Very often, this is as far as an editor gets before making a decision. Think in terms of publicity and promotion when writing this section. Introduce the book quickly and find a way to grab your audience's attention. Describe your book in a dramatic way without resorting to hyperbole.

Why are you the most qualified professional to write this book?

What is different about this book and specifically, what can you pull out in three or four bullets to provide examples of unique information.

How long is the manuscript (word count)? Are there any special design features (e.g., quotes, maps or photographs)? How will the book be divided and why? Why will readers benefit from the book's organization? How do you anticipate the information will be used?

Are there supporting documents or references that help support your estimates for the size of the audience for your book?

Will there be any back matter such as appendices, indices or glossaries?

How long will it take to deliver a final manuscript after receipt of the advance?