Jeff Rackham

We have known Jeff Rackham since 1989, when Michael worked with him as his editor. A couple of years after we opened our agency, Jeff queried us about a novel he had recently finished. Barbara was captivated by The Rag and Bone Shop and it wasn't long before the novel was sold. Here is a brief description:

At the height of his career Charles Dickens was the most beloved man in Victorian England. Constantly in the public eye, he was desperate to keep secret his affair with an eighteen year-old actress, a secret successfully kept from the public for nearly 100 years. The Rag and Bone Shop is a novel of Charles Dickens' very real, but little known, excursion outside the bounds of Victorian morality; an engrossing tale that illuminates the warring demands of public propriety and private passions.

We encourage you to read The Rag and Bone Shop, not only to savor a fascinating story, but also to understand the level of professionalism we expect from the novelists we represent.

The Rag and Bone Shop
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