Donald M. Murray

Donald Murray is a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for The Boston Globe. His column "Over 60" (recently changed to "Now and Then") is the only weekly column in a major newspaper addressing the joys and tribulations of life after the age of 60

Don Murray has been a client of The Rosenberg Group since the day we opened our agency. Michael had worked with Don for nine years as his editor at Harcourt Brace. We are extremely proud of Don's new book My Twice-Lived Life: A Memoir, which will be published by Ballantine on May 29th. Michael and Don had been discussing this book for nearly ten years before it was sold. We suffered through more than thirty rejections before finding the right editor and publisher. Don's professionalism and level-headed approach to the writing life can be summed up by something he said during a week when we received many passes on his book. Don said," I have always considered the acceptances as irrational as the rejections."

We encourage you to purchase My Twice-Lived Life: A Memoir not only because it is a beautifully written book, but also to understand the level of quality we expect from our nonfiction clients.

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My Twice-Lived Life: A Memoir
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