What constitutes "reasonably necessary" regarding the hiring of sub-agents?

In the trade publishing world, a number of specialty areas have developed over time including the selling of foreign rights and the selling of film and television rights. The selling of foreign rights is such a broad-based and specialized field that it is common for small and mid-sized agencies to hire a sub-agent specialist in foreign rights. In fact, many publishers hire sub-agents to sell foreign rights. It is simply the most efficient and profitable way to sell the rights to your books overseas. Foreign rights sub-agents typically charge a 10% commission. For these reasons, I consider it to be reasonably necessary to hire a foreign rights specialist to sell all foreign rights.

Selling film and television rights also requires a specific knowledge, expertise and contacts. I will attempt to sell film and television rights myself, but reserve the right to hire a sub-agent in Hollywood.

I will keep you informed of the sub-agents I am considering and the sub-agents I decide to use. However, I reserve the right to make the appropriate business decisions regarding sub-agents.