Barbara Collins Rosenberg

Barbara Collins Rosenberg together with her husband Michael Rosenberg founded The Rosenberg Group in June 1998. Michael has recently accepted a position as Publisher for a major college textbook publisher leaving Barbara to run the agency on her own. The agency office will be moving to the Boson, MA area in late spring 2002, so be sure to check the Web site for new contact information.

Prior to becoming an agent Barbara spent nine years in college textbook publishing first as a development editor and finally as a Senior Editor for the Fine and Performing Arts. Her editorial years gave Barbara experience in negotiating contracts for books, supplements, Web sites, CD ROMs, electronic books and video packages.

Today Barbara represents trade nonfiction authors, college textbook authors, literary writers, romance writers, and women's fiction writers "What I love best about being an agent is that I'm not restricted to what I can or cannot take on. If I think a manuscript is worthy I can represent it, of course I don't take on things too far afield. I stick with the areas in which I have contacts.

Barbara is a frequent speaker at writer's conferences. Barbara enjoys meeting with and speaking to writers; she is appreciative of the time and effort they put into their craft.

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